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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2012 6:30pm-6:38pm PDT

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>> okay. commissioners, we have a motion by commissioner o'brien to recommend approval to the board of supervisors the board of supervisors file 1208 80, seconded by commissioner driest. >> roll call? >> yes. >> chad? -- commissioner adams? >> . yes. >> [speaker not understood]. [roll call] >> commissioners, that passes +6 to -0. >> great. thank you very much. next item. >> commissioners, you are now on item number 7, discussion and possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on board of supervisors file no. 120965 [business and tax regulations code - prevent termination of payroll expense tax exclusion for small business net new payroll if voters adopt gross receipts tax].
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this is ordinance amending the san francisco business and tax regulations code article 12-a by amending section 906.5 to prevent the payroll expense tax exclusion for small business net new payroll for years 2012 through 2015 from terminating in the event the voters of the city and county of san francisco pass a gross receipts tax. and your binder is the file number legislative digest, and we have a presentation by margo kelly, legislative aid to supervisor mark farrell. >> welcome. >> again, i'm a legislative aid to supervisor farrell. i'll be speaking on behalf of him today. the legislation that is before you today, it's clean-up legislation to supervisor farrell's payroll expense tax exclusion that was before this commission earlier this year. the original intent of the original legislation was for small businesses to take advantage of this from 2012 to
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2015. and it was actually drafted before the gross receipts ballot initiative that's on the ballot cycle, that language had been finalized, which included, if that had passed it, our legislation would not go into effect. but we realize now with the legislation, with the gross receipts file initiative, small businesses won't be able to have their payroll expense tax rate reduced until 2014. so, to stick with the original intent of our legislation for 2012 to 2015, this actually prevents the termination of the event -- of the gross receipts tax passing. the original legislation and this legislation has the support of five of supervisor farrell's colleagues. campos, elsbernd, chiu, weaner and cohen. >> do we have any commissioner
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comments? >> just for my own education, how is this going to work in 2014 when -- [multiple voices] >> explain that to folks [speaker not understood]. >> small businesses will be able to get the payroll expense tax exclusion with our legislation through 2016. it won't be until actually february of 2017 when they apply -- when they let the tax collector know about their -- the actual amount that they paid in payroll out for 2016. so, they actually -- and as gross receipts phases in, that will be starting 2014, their payroll tax liability will start to go down. so, in 2014 it reduces i think by 75%. so, it's 1-1/2% now and
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starting in 2014 it will be 75% of that. then slowly going down from there. >> thanks. >> any other commissioner comments? >> yeah, i would just say that this -- sorry to recap or go backwards here. it's basically to protect the small businesses to be not clobbered in the intervening years between now and when the gross receipts come into effect? >> it does. it helps the phasing in of gross receipts and gives small businesses additional relief on their liability for payroll tax. >> yeah, okay. certainly something i think i would be able to support. that's my only comment. >> okay. any other comments? okay, let's have public comment on this. is there anybody here from the general public who would like to comment on item number 7? seeing none, public comment is
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closed. commissioners? >> i'll propose a motion -- >> [speaker not understood]. i think we've already pretty much discussed this. >> you're on a roll. >> i'm on a roll? >> i'm in a seconding mood today. >> you're getting carried away with these rolls. >> i'll put a motion out there to approve as stated. >> i second it. >> roll call. >> commissioners, we have a motion by commissioner o'brien to recommend approval to the board of supervisors a board of supervisors file number 1209 65, that was seconded by commissioner dwight. on that motion, roll call. [roll call] >> commissioners, this motion
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passes 6 to 0. >> great. >> and it's going to be in committee later this week. we'll submit a response on your behalf tomorrow morning. >> thank you. next item. >> commissioners, moving on, item 8, discussion and action to set public employee evaluation and performance plan criteria for the office of small business executive director. this is an action item. and in your packet is the draft department head performance plan for the would-be period july 1st, 2012 through june 30th, 2013. and i believe the director. can take over from here. >> yes, i'll take over from here. so, commissioners, at the last commission meeting i presented you with a draft. and what we are doing today is just establishing the criteria which then in july of 2013 you will be then using this document to
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review and comment on my performance as the director. so, again, just to review the document that is before you, pages 2, 3 and 4 are standard criteria that's required by the department of human resources that is part of all department heads' evaluation. page 5 is where we get into the commission setting some specific goals that it would like to see the director and department achieve in the year. and, so, this is where i put forward some recommendations on some goals. but, again, this is the place for you to comment on those, make recommendations for others. we're not limited to 10. we can have more, we can have
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less, but it is up to you to make the final determination on -- in terms of the department's goals what you would like to see in the performance evaluation. so, right now this is your opportunity to modify, amend this document and then finalize it at this meeting. so, we won't be discussing my performance at this meeting. that will be in july. commissioner, president adams, can take it over from here. >> yes. like i said,


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